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At Lugene Eye Institute, we take every patient's unique situation to heart and help develop a personalized treatment plan specific to each person's condition. We have been involved in multiple Food & Drug Administration clinical trials and we are proud to be affiliated with the Glendale Adventist Family Practice Residency Program.

Our team of physicians has more than 80 years of combined experience providing outstanding medical care to our patients, and we may be able to help you as well.

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Our mission is to promote the preservation of sight and the prevention of blindness, as well as to help each patient see clearly. We offer of a variety of services to the local community, and each physician at our practice is qualified, compassionate, and ready to serve our patients with the utmost care.

Our office also collaborates with other healthcare providers to help ensure that our patients' needs are always met. When you work with our office, you will be given open access to your physician, and all of your questions and concerns will be answered in a timely and professional manner.

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