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Our Glendale ophthalmologists strive to meet our customers' needs in terms of medical, cosmetic, and eye surgery. Our office can handle any eye problems and offer solutions from eye drops to retina surgery. We routinely help patients experiencing all manner of eye problems including dry eyes, glaucoma, and eye diseases stemming from diabetes.

We welcome patients with all types of cataract and retina problems as our on-site specialists would be happy to examine your eyes. Call our office right away if you are concerned with your vision or eye pain and set up an appointment for your comprehensive eye exam.

What happens at a Lugene eye exam?

You are advised to plan ahead in terms of your transportation as part of an eye exam includes having one of our trained eye doctors dilate your pupils in order to properly check the retina at the back of your eye. This process which can leave you with blurry vision for the next few hours may require you to have a loved one or neighbor escort you home.

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A Lugene Eye Exam can help you by:

  • Determining if you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or have an astigmatism
  • Checking your eye muscles for any signs of weakness or involuntary eye movement
  • Testing your binocular vision: depth perception, eye muscle coordination and eye focusing
  • Measuring your peripheral vision and looking for any eye diseases or neurological disorders
  • An eye-pressure test to look for signs of glaucoma
  • Color vision screening to determine if you observe colors correctly
  • Using an ophthalmoscope to check your eye health in terms of pupil response, optic nerve, retina, cornea and lens

Once your exam is finished, your doctor can offer you any treatment option they feel might be necessary.

Your comprehensive eye exam is waiting for you, so call our Gelndale office now!

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