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If you are thinking about cataract removal surgery, you will want to make sure you select the right lens implant. Our Glendale ophthalmologist can help you select from a wide range of lens options. The two main lenses include multi-focal and accommodating lenses. Both can serve to effectively improve vision, but there are differences between the lenses. If you prefer to have more color and contrast sensitivity, drive often at night, or frequently read up close, these issues will all affect your choice.

Once we review all these factors with you, we can find the right option that will give you the visual freedom you desire from cataract surgery.

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IOL Toric Lens Introduction

These lenses can reduce or eliminate the need for distance vision correction after cataract surgery. They are specifically designed to address stigmatisms. All though toric IOLs can greatly improve your vision, you may still need eye wear or undergo other procedures if you wish to correct any stigmatism that remains. When you talk with our doctors, we will help you select the right lens for your vision!

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IOL Multifocal Lens Introduction

These new mutifocal lens can help reduce the need for reading glasses or other procedures after surgery. Essentially, these lenses help eliminate the vision problems created by presbyopia, which makes reading or seeing up close items difficult. In the past, an IOL was only able to focus at a single distance. With the latest advancements, the mutifocal IOL allows for both up close and far away vision. This may give you the overall vision freedom that you desire. Want to learn more about these lenses? Watch the video below to find all the facts about multifocal implants.

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